The Hot Tub Doc in the Roaring Fork Valley

I started my first hot tub/spa repair and service company over 20 years ago at Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri. I already had 20 years under my belt as a Broadcast Engineer at the time, and I was eager to have my own small business. My electronics background and an apprenticeship with a veteran spa service company served me well and I quickly became familiar with virtually every hot tub manufactured.

When I started my company, I insisted on not having employees. I felt for the work to be done to MY high standards it needed to be done by ME. My efforts were rewarded as I earned the reputation of being the guy who showed up as promised, did quality work and charged fairly. Over those years, I earned multiple awards for exceptional customer service.

As my business grew, I became a dealer and sold spas as well, but found ultimately that my true love was the hands-on troubleshooting and repair of a spa, not sales. I built my business on honesty and fairness repairing every brand of spa/hot tub that has ever been manufactured and I’m happy to report, that is what I’m bringing to the Roaring Fork Valley.

So, no matter where you bought your spa, I’m the guy who will give you the service they promised when they sold it to you. You have my word on it.

Mark Thompson, Owner

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